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Climate Care Certified Logo
The Environmental Sustainability Benchmark

Welcome to Climate Care Certified – a pioneering program dedicated to establishing a fresh benchmark for sustainability and effectiveness across an array of products, systems, and installations tailored for both residences and businesses. Attaining the esteemed Climate Care Certification underscores a product, system, or installation's ability to showcase:

  1. Remarkable water efficiency and sustainability.

  2. Optimum energy efficiency.

  3. Effective noise reduction.

  4. Thoughtful environmentally sustainable design.

  5. Ingenious approaches that champion efficiency and sustainability.

These benchmarks collectively contribute to curbing the ecological footprint of homes and businesses, all while fostering economical and streamlined operation. By embracing Climate Care Certified offerings, you not only align with positive environmental impact but also reap the rewards of cost-effective and efficient performance.

Latest Certified Products, Pools & Systems
Search Climate Care Certified (CCC) Register
The CCC Register empowers you to search for certified sustainable products, systems, and installations where they have proven to reduce energy, water, noise, and other offsetting measures.

By choosing CCC products, systems and installations, you will be rewarded by make a positive impact to the environment whilst feeling good that you are taking positive action.
Benefits of Certification
Having your products, systems or installations/retrofits/constructions Climate Care Certified enhances your ability to:
your product / system / installation’s environmentally sustainable qualities.
Show Your Committment
to preserving the environment and to industry best practice.
Gain a Competitive Advantage
by joining a searchable database of environmentally conscious providers.
Increase Sales & Productivity
by having your innovations recognised and endorsed as Climate Care Certified.
Improve Your Reputation
and credibility with consumers, colleagues and industry partners.
Demonstrate Your Investment
in the industry’s sustainable future and inspire others to do the same.
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