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Business or Service Certification

By participating in the Climate Care Certified program, companies can promote their services or businesses under an industry approved, environmentally sustainable program.

Businesses & Services

A climate care certified business or service is one that creates a sustainability benchmark which utilises:

  • water efficiency/sustainability

  • energy efficiency

  • noise reduction measures

  • environmentally sustainable designs

  • efficiency/sustainability innovations

By partaking in the Climate Care Certification Program, companies can spotlight themselves through an industry-recognised, environmentally sustainable platform.

Examples of measures that can be used as part of a climate care certified application include:

  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions

  • Reducing Energy Consumption

  • Renewable Energy Options

  • Reducing Waste

  • Optimising Employee Transportation

  • Selecting Greener Infrastructures and Equipment

  • Choosing Sustainable Suppliers

  • Raising Awareness Among Employees, Clients and Other Stakeholders

  • Promoting Environmentally Friendly Ways of Working

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