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Pool or Spa Certification

SPASA Pool and Spa Builders, Installers, Designers and Service Technicians can also participate by rewarding their customers by meeting the Climate Care Certification criteria, which may include selecting correct technologies and piping layouts, installing pool cover, variable speed pumps to enhance water efficiency and energy savings.

Pool owners would be supplied with stickers and/or decals which they could affix to their homes, fence posts and/or wheelie bins to promote the fact that their pool and/or spa is environmentally friendly and Climate Care Certified.

Rewarding or acknowledging pool owner’s efforts in choosing environmentally sustainable swimming pools and spas, further  promotes positive pool and spa ownership to other consumers and organisations.

  • Pool Covers

  • Solar Heating

  • Spa Lids

  • Backwash, water treatment and recycling systems

  • Backwash minimisation systems or pre-filtration devices

  • Energy efficient pool pumps (E3 program)

  • Any noise reduction measures

  • Robotic and other cleaners

  • Cartridge filters 

  • Filter medium

  • Led pool lighting

  • Rainwater tanks

  • Down pipe diverters (harvest rooftop catchment)

  • Over-flow storage tanks

  • 30mm coping over-hang (minimise splash out)

  • Pool location/landscaping (minimise exposure to evaporative wind)

  • Hydraulic efficient plumbing e.g. sweep elbows instead of 90-degree elbows.

  • Minimum 50mm plumbing (state minimum diameter plumbing depending on size of pool and flow rates)

  • Smart meter or other approved controllers, chlorinators

  • Any registered SPASA Climate Care Certified product or service

  • Any other verifiable system design or installation element(s)

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