Climate Care Certified Logo
Climate Care Certified Logo

Climate Care Certification

  • Highlighting your commitment to sustainability and environmental preservation through the certification of your products, systems, or installations

  • Gaining a competitive advantage by being listed on the Climate Care Certified searchable database as an environmentally conscious provider

  • Increasing sales and productivity through the recognition, endorsement, validation, and approval of your industry innovations as Climate Care Certified

  • Improving your reputation and credibility with consumers, colleagues, and industry partners

  • Demonstrating your investment in the sustainable future of the industry and inspiring others to do the same.

Product or System Certification

A climate care certified product, system or construction is one that creates a new benchmark for swimming pools and spas. Find out more.

Service Certification

Assurance of compliance is necessary to ensure that Products, Systems and Installations are designed, manufactured or installed to meet market and consumer needs, while complying with all relevant Regulations, Standards, Licences and Codes. Find out more.

Pool or Spa Certification

SPASA Pool and Spa Builders, Installers, Designers and Service Technicians can also participate by rewarding their customers by meeting the Climate Care Certification criteria. Find out more.