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Frequently Asked Questions

We all know water is a precious commodity in Australia, particularly during periods of prolonged drought. Equally, consumers and business owners are focused on reducing their energy consumption.  Check out our frequently asked questions below to help you navigate the common myths and allow you to maximise your lifestyle.

The Climate Care Certification Program is an initiative of the Swimming Pool & Spa Association of Australia Ltd (SPASA). It is the industry’s efficiency and sustainability certification program.


SPASA is proud to deliver an industry wide program to support, protect and promote the way the swimming pool and spa industry operates and strives for best practice and sustainable solutions. A climate care certified product, system or installation/retrofit/construction is one that creates a new benchmark for swimming pools and spas which utilise:


-          Water efficiency/sustainability

-          Energy efficiency

-          Noise reduction measures

-          Environmentally sustainable designs

-          Efficiency/sustainability innovations

By participating in the Climate Care Certification Program, members of SPASA can promote their products, services, treatments and installations under an industry approved, environmentally sustainable program.

Examples of products, systems and installations certified under the Climate Care Certification Program may include (but are not limited to):

  • Pool covers (SPASA Pool Cover Certification Guidelines required. Refer

  • Solar heating

  • Spa lids

  • Backwash treatment and recycling systems

  • Cartridge filter

  • Filter media

  • Pre-filtration devices or backwash minimisation systems

  • Pool pumps

  • Any noise reduction measures

  • Led pool lighting

  • Smart meters/controllers

  • Pool cleaners

  • Construction/installation/renovation of pool/spa

  • Retrofitting of products/systems to existing pool/spa

  • Water treatments

  • Spas

  • Swimming Pools

Member participation in the Climate Care Certified Program is voluntary and is available exclusively to members of SPASA.

As part of the process, all products, systems and installations submitted for registration will undergo a claims verification process undertaken by a SPASA appointed panel.

The program registration form is available at

Certification is valid for two years from approval, and is renewed every two years.

Renewal of Climate Care Certified products and systems will be every two years.

The renewal process will commence within two month of the expiry of the two year term.

Climate Care Certification can be cancelled under the following circumstances:

  • If a company fails at any time to meet the Climate Care Certified criteria

  • If a product or system fails at any time to meet the Climate Care Certified criteria

  • If a company is unable to substantiate claims made at any time during the certification term 

  • If a company makes false marketing claims  

  • If a member is unable to substantiate claims made at any time during the certification term

  • If a member makes false marketing claims about the product, system or installation/retrofit/construction

  • The member brings SPASA into disrepute in any way

The Climate Care Certified program reserves the right to publish the cancellation of a company’s Climate Care Certified status in whatever way it deems necessary. 

As part of the process, every application submitted for the Climate Care Certified program will undergo a claims verification process undertaken by an appointed panel. 

Participants of Climate Care Certified must engage independent third-party testing and/ or verification providers to assess and report on claims being made such as water efficiency and energy savings. There are various local, national and international testing and verification bodies that Climate Care Certified credible, trusted and able to properly test and/or verify claims being made on energy and water efficiency and sustainability. 

Examples of acceptable bodies may include (but are not limited to) the following: Verification organisations: 

  • Smart Approved WaterMark–Water efficient product verification 

  • Government Endorsed Schemes, such as the E3 Program–Energy efficiency verification of pumps Testing authorities: 

  • National Association of Testing Authorities, Australia (NATA) 

  • International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC) 

  • SAI GLOBAL Product Services Product Compliance Program 

  • Universities and other relevant institutions 

*Other third-party-verification and testing bodies (subject to Climate Care Certified approval) 

Climate Care Certified acknowledges that some products, installations, treatments and systems are distributed under multiple brands or packaging variations which use the identical or shared attributes. 

Subject to approval, only one application is needed for products, installations and systems that are differentiated by brand or external packaging with identical or shared attributes. 

The Climate Care Certified Expert Panel will consider each application on their own merit. Additional administration fees may apply. 

The rebranding of an existing Climate Care Certified product, installation or system by other entities requires a new application. 

To maintain Climate Care Certification, applicants must demonstrate continued compliance with the Climate Care Certified Program. In its absolute discretion, Climate Care Certified may undertake periodical audits.