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About Climate Care Certified (CCC)

The Climate Care Certified Program (CCC) verifies and promotes the sustainability of products, systems and installations used in residential and commercial environments.

The Climate Care Certified Program aims to recognise and promote sustainability in products, systems, and installations used in both residential and commercial settings.

This program was originally developed for the swimming pool and spa industry, but has since expanded to include other sectors such as backyard and lifestyle businesses.

To ensure impartiality, the Climate Care Certified program utilises independent third parties to evaluate and grant certification to applicants. The certification panel is made up of individuals who are highly regarded as experts in their field and hold no conflicts of interest.

Through the Climate Care Certified program, businesses and homeowners are rewarded for choosing environmentally sustainable products, services, and installations that contribute to positive and sustainable lifestyles. Certification signifies that a product, service, or installation meets the highest standards in sustainability, particularly in regards to water consumption, energy efficiency, noise reduction, and innovative solutions.

By obtaining Climate Care Certified status, participants can promote their products, services, and installations as being approved by an industry-recognised, environmentally sustainable program.

The Climate Care Certification Program is an initiative of the Swimming Pool & Spa Association of Australia Ltd (SPASA). It is the industry’s efficiency and sustainability certification program.

SPASA is proud to deliver an industry wide program to support, protect and promote the way the swimming pool and spa industry operates and strives for best practice sustainable solutions. A climate care certified product, system or installation/retrofit/construction is one that creates a new benchmark for swimming pools and spas which utilise:

  • Water efficiency/sustainability

  • Energy efficiency

  • Noise reduction measures

  • Environmentally sustainable designs

  • Efficiency/sustainability innovations

By participating in the Climate Care Certification Program, members of SPASA can promote their products, services, treatments and installations under an industry approved, environmentally sustainable program.

Examples of products, systems and installations certified under the Climate Care Certification Program may include (but are not limited to):

  • Pool covers

  • Solar Heating

  • Spa Lids

  • Backwash, water treatment and recycling systems

  • Cartridge filter

  • Filter media

  • Pre-filtration devices or backwash minimisation systems

  • Pool pumps

  • Any noise reduction measures

  • Led pool lighting

  • Smart meters/controllers

  • Pool cleaners

  • Construction/installation/renovation of pool/spa

  • Retrofitting of products/systems to existing pool/spa

  • Swimming Pools

  • Spas

Creating a new benchmark for swimming pools and spas
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