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CCC package by Aquanort Pools

The Climate Care Certified package by Aquanort Pools has met the stringent requirements of the Climate Care Certified program.
Aquanort Pools

This new Climate Care Certified option is an environmentally friendly package. It provides consumers with the ability to purchase a pool with confidence knowing that it delivers verifiable water & energy savings that have been certified by the peak industry body.

Climate Care Certified inclusions:

Aquanort Pools uses a range of already Climate Care Certified products including:

·       Pump: Waterco Eco-V Pump

·       Filtration: Waterco Micron Filter with Fishtail Laterals

·       Pre-Filter: Waterco Multi-Cyclone

·       Robotic Cleaner: Dolphin M400 Robot Cleaner or  Waterco Trident Eco Robot Cleaner

·       Efficient Plumbing: 50mm hydraulic efficient plumbing including the Waterco 50mm Sweep Elbows on return lines

Other inclusions used to satisfy the necessary criteria includes engineered glass filter media, LED Pool Lights, thermal, slat or solar pool covers with the option of a water tank for additional water saving.  


The Climate Care Certified Swimming Pool by Aquanort Pools  will save thousands of litres of water every year whilst at the same time reducing energy consumption, saving hundreds of dollars.