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Aussie UnderCover - Pool Cover System

Aussie UnderCovers Pool Cover System has met the stringent requirements of the SPASA Australia’s Climate Care Certified program.
Aussie UnderCover

Aussie Undercover Pool Cover System

The manufacturing process of the Aussie Undercover Pool Cover System has met the stringent requirements of the Climate Care Certified program.

Key Benefits:

The manufacture and installation of the Aussie Undercover Pool Cover System is recognised in the following areas:

  • Frame: 40mm marine grade aluminium purchased for the manufacture of the frame is specifically calculated to minimise waste. A Computer-Aided Design (CAD) System is used to ensure that each length of aluminium is used as efficiently as possible to reduce wastage.

  • Internal Fittings: The fittings are manufactured using a Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining process which ensures that the fittings are produced with improved efficiency and quality. 

  • Hardware Exposure: The hardware has greater and a longer lasting lifespan as it is housed undercover and protected from the elements.

  • Supports Existing Covers: The Aussie Undercover Pool Cover System supports the reuse of a customer’s existing pool cover.

  • Sustainability: 100% of packaging received to manufacture incoming Aussie Undercover Pool Cover System stock items is recycled.

  • Made to Order: Kits for the Aussie Undercover Pool Cover System are Made to Order (MTO) only after the customer places an order for it. Unlike conventional production techniques like Made to Stock (MTS) which requires companies to keep an inventory of finished goods, the MTO production process reduces wastage and is more efficient.